Via Sex | Lubricant Gel for Men


Sexual Lubricant Gel for Men

Bottle with 2 oz.

Enhance your sexual encounters with our “Via Sex Lubricant Gel” for men. This product will give you an explosion of pleasure taking your intimacy to the next level.


-Improves your libido
-Increases sexual desire
-Increases blood flow to your pelvic organs
-Boosts testosterone and stamina
-Boosts energy
-May help in treating sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction

How does it work?

Here you will find our ingredient’s effectiveness:

Damiana Aphrodisiac Leaf 4:1 Extract: Can be a great aid to improve your libido naturally.

L-Arginine HCL: It might treat erectile dysfunction due to a physical cause.

Ginkgo Biloba 24% Extract: May treat sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction or low libido.

Tribulus Terrestris 4:1 Extract: Boosts testosterone levels, and can also help to increase stamina.

Cinnamon: Increases blood flow and raises body temperature. Just a small amount of cinnamon oil rubbed onto the nether regions is said to act as a powerful sexual stimulant.

Panax Ginseng: May promote the release of nitric oxide, triggering erections by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis.

Maca (Lepidium Meyenii): Has been used for centuries to enhance fertility, sex drive, and increase sexual desire in men.

Yohimbe Bark: Has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac and to enhance sexual performance.

Vitamin B3 as Niacin: It aids in converting enzymes to energy, vital for engaging in robust sexual activities. Additionally, Vitamin B3 helps improve blood flow, making for stronger erections.

Vitamin E Oil: Promotes the creation of substances called prostaglandins, as well as testosterone, which all promote good blood flow to pelvic organs and the brain, and are important to a vibrant sex drive.


• Damiana Aphrodisiac Leaf 4:1 Extract
• L-Arginine HCL
• Ginkgo Biloba 24% Extract
• Tribulus Terrestris 4:1 Extract
• Cinnamon
• Panax Ginseng
• Maca (Lepidium Meyenii)
• Yohimbe Bark
• Vitamin B3 as Niacin
• Vitamin E Oil

Other Ingredients:

Carbomer, Demineralized Water.


Apply a small amount of gel to sexual areas, 5 to 10 minutes before sexual activity, rubbing lightly until absorbed. For external use only.

Via Sex | Lubricant Gel for Men
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