Body Detox | Capsules


Dietary supplement in capsules 

Bottle with 60 capsules

"Body Detox" is an advanced formula made with the best natural ingredients, fibers and probiotics. Helps in cleaning the colon - our "second brain" - detoxifying the body and making you feel lighter. It also promotes increased energy and improves the immune system.

-Helps with indigestion

-Reduces abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort

-Removes free radical toxins

-Enhances the immune function


  • Cascara sagrada bark extract
    Cascara sagrada contains chemicals that stimulate the intestine and have a laxative effect. It is well known for supporting constipation and bowel movements.
  • Psyllium seed husk
    Plantago psyllium is a laxative that produces an increase in intestinal bolus and is used to treat constipation. It absorbs fluid in the intestines, increases and forms bulky stools, making them easier to pass.
  • Senna leaves
    Senna leaf is an FDA-approved over-the-counter laxative. It is used to treat constipation and also to cleanse the intestine before procedures such as colonoscopy.
  • Aloe Vera leaf powder
    The qualities of Aloe Vera help to rebuild cells in the colon, clean the intestine (eliminating bacteria and negative flora), facilitate the absorption of nutrients, avoid digestive problems derived from constipation and prevent viral infections.
  • Licorice root
    Licorice infusion is very beneficial for relieving inflammation of the digestive system such as gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antacid glycyrrhizin.
    It protects the mucous membranes that line the digestive tract by increasing the production of mucin, a compound that protects against the adverse effects of stomach acid and various harmful substances.
  • Medium chain triglycerides
    Medium chain triglycerides, which are an example of healthy lipids, can be integrated into formulations since they do not turn into fat that accumulates like carbohydrates do. On the contrary, they serve to store energy, they are also a component that helps weight loss.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
    "Good" bacteria like L. Acidophilus are a type of probiotic that can help break down food, absorb nutrients, and fight "bad" organisms that can cause disease.
  • Flax seed powder
    It is commonly used to improve digestive health or relieve constipation. Flaxseed may also help lower total blood cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins.


Recommended adult dosage: As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules daily, 30 minutes before a meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Body Detox | Capsules
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